Founded in 1996 by Robert Gianfelice, Arvox Internet offers a wide collection of Internet related services and our company has developed an expertise in web design. In fact most of our websites are dynamic websites, which include features such as a online catalogues, ecommerce, inventory management, shopping carts and content management systems.

Over the years, Arvox Internet has created a multitude of websites for businesses, sales and services related industries. We also offer various internet related services such as training, web hosting and electronic catalogues.


Arvox Internet will take the time to properly study how the Internet can help your company. A complete analysis of the clients business and an understanding of their requirements are very important to how we operate. This work ethic has allowed us to build solid relations with our clients and to develop web solutions that respond perfectly to our client’s expectations.

The creation of an internet solution includes the following elements:
• Analysis of your requirements,
• Suggestion of different options,
• Development of the site architecture,
• Creation of the website,
• Develop the self managed tools,
• Site management,
• Implementation of internal site management tools,
• Help and support,
• Site maintenance,
• Study of future requirements (if necessary).

1. Exposure
Your website will be available to everyone at any time of day. As more and more people use the internet to find products and services they require, your website will attract new customers.

2. Convenient
A well designed website will describe in detail the services you offer and potential customers will browse your website at their own pace and get the information they need. Your website will answer your customers' questions for you.

3. Advertising
As there is no limit to the number of pages in your site, the internet is the most cost effective method of advertising a product or service. Search engines will add your site to their listings and consumers will discover your website while they browse the web.

4. Prestige
Let's face it, if you don't have a website customers will not take you seriously. It is quite normal for someone to ask your web site address. If you don't have one yet, can you afford to wait much longer?

5. Cost effective
Save money on printing and postage costs for brochures, coupons, flyers, specials, newsletters, and other mailings. Our communication tools allow you to stay in touch with your clients.